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27 June 2017

INTERFILIÈRE Paris 2017 – Where to store luggage during the event?

Held at the same time than Mode City trade show (read the full article about Mode City 2017), Interfilière offers the largest choice of fabrics, accessories and machinery specifically made for lingerie and swimwear creation and production.

Visitors can discover here the latest trends about fabrics, laces and new textile materials  together with next generation technologies for embrodery and production. The ideal place to establish commercial links and to find the perfect suppliers to ensure the succes of the most part of world brands.

logo transparent background trade show interfiliere paris 2017

Eelway baggage storage, the best way to store your luggage at Interfilière 2017


EELWAY is the mobile baggage storage service that will allow you to relieve yourself of your bags at your arrival. How Eelway luggage storage can simplify your experience of trade show?

REMINDER: Luggage is not allowed at the trade fair or in any museum in Paris, so think about booking your transfer in advance on Eelway.com, or directly at the show’s entrance.

Drop-off your luggage at the event

Eelway has a stand in Mode City 2017 trade show, which takes place in the same address and time that Interfilière. Do not hesitate to drop-off your baggage directly at our stand!

Transfer my luggage from airport/train station to my hotel

This is your first day at Interfilière 2017 and you are looking for what you can do with your luggage? Give your suitcase to Eelway when you arrive at the airport. Your baggage will be delivered at your hotel or your rental while you enjoy the trade show.

Transfer my baggage from Interfilière trade show to airport/train station

This is your last day at Interfilière trade show? You do not want to carry your suitcase during the last hours in the trade show but you do not want to go back to your hotel to retrieve it. Book your Eelway baggage transfer! A concierge comes the morning at your doorstep (hotel, rental, etc) to collect your bags then it will be delivered before your departure at airport, at train station or anywhere in Paris.

Book your Eelway luggage transfer!

INTERFILIÈRE 2017: Useful information


From 8th to 10th July.



Adress: 1 Place de la Porte de Versailles, 75015 Paris.

Schedules: Everyday from 9am to 7pm (6pm on monday).

How to go to Interfilière by Public transport:

METRO : ligne 12, station Porte de Versailles ou ligne 8, station Balard.

TRAMWAY : T2 et T3a, station Porte de Versailles – Parc des Expositions.

BUS : ligne 80, station Porte de Versailles – Parc des Expositions et ligne 39, station Desnouettes.

How to go to Interfilière by Free shuttles:

Save time to go to this trade show using the free shuttle(operating hours here – lien-) from parisian main train stations and airports. Don’t worry about your bags, with EELWAY you can book a service to get your bag directly at your hotel

Download Interfilière 2017 free shuttles schedules.

Program Interfilière 2017

Interfilière 2017 trade show, that takes place at the same time and in the same place that Mode City, has the same program.

Discover all details about Interfilière 2017 program.


17 May 2017

Where to leave my luggage in Paris? Best way to keep your luggage in safe areas

You are searching for tips and answers about those questions: “Where to leave your luggage in Paris?” or “Where to leave my luggage in Paris”? We have done our best to give you all the details about different ways to leave, store your baggage in Paris (lockers, left-luggage service, luggage concierge service…).

“Classic” luggage storage or Lockers in Paris


It is where usually people think to store their bags while travelling. So where to leave your luggage in Paris? Available in most of Parisian train stations (excepted in Bercy and Austertliz train stations) and in Paris Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport (There is any lockers in Paris-Orly Airport. Other services are available to keep your belongings into safe areas), the lockers are one of the way to leave your bags for a few hours.

Luggage lockers are secure places where you can leave your baggage for a few hours or a few days (with a maximum of 3 days in a row). There are different sizes of lockers to keep your bags. Prices depend on luggage size and storage time. This type of storage can be useful for a few hours if you don’t want to carry your baggage but it isn’t convenient and often expensive if you have more than 1 piece of luggage and there is no insurance because you are responsive of the belongings you store into lockers.

Keep in mind that the lockers are sometime closed for maintenance or because of a strike of the employees (you are travelling in France 😊). Moreover, it is sometime full during peak times, such as spring/summer breaks and holiday periods, so you need to contact the company (Itirémia) that manages the lockers in train station to be up to date before leaving your bags.

Luggage lockers in Train stations in Paris:


  • Gare du Nord
  • Gare de Lyon
  • Gare Saint-Lazare
  • Gare de l’Est
  • Gare Montparnasse (under maintenance, closed until further notice)
  • Gare d’Austerlitz (closed until further notice)

Lockers in Train stations in the Parisian suburbs:


  • Gare de Marne-la-Vallée – Chessy – Disneyland

There is no locker in subway stations of Paris, Bercy train station and the train station of Charles-de-Gaulle CDG Paris Airport.

Luggage lockers in Paris

Benefits of lockers in Paris train stations:


  • Automatics, you are the one that put your bags in the locker and retrieve them
  • Available in most of train stations in Paris (managed by Itirémia, a private company)


Drawbacks of lockers in Paris train stations:


  • Can be expensive for more than 1 piece of luggage
  • You cannot store your bags more than 3 days in a row
  • Sometime closed for maintenance
  • Sometime full during spring and summer periods (Paris is one of the most visited city in the world)
  • During peak times, you can have a large lineup of people to leave and retrieve your baggage


The French national railway company (SNCF) launched in December 2017 a new service where you can leave your bags in the lockers of the train stations and be delivered at your hotel, rental anywhere in Paris (and vice versa where you leave your luggage at the reception desk of your hotel and you get it back before your train departure at the lockers in the train station, or at any terminal of Paris airports (Orly and Charles-de-Gaulle – CDG airports).

More information about the service here (in French only). We also talk about this service later in this article.


Eelway luggage storage service – Transfer luggage service in Paris


More than a simple luggage storage, a new way to keep your luggage in Paris

Eelway mobile luggage storage is a new generation of luggage storage that offers more than just a way to leave your bags. Eelway service enables you to enjoy each moment in Paris without carrying your baggage (of course because it’s a luggage storage!) BUT you don’t have to go back to your hotel, to the airport or the train station; in a nutshell to the place where you let your luggage… Your luggage is delivered where you want & when you need. More you can leave any type of luggage because price is same regardless of weight or size. If you want to know more about our service functioning, rendez-vous to the page How does it work?

Where can you leave your luggage in Paris with Eelway?

The luggage storage and transfer in available anywhere in Paris, and suburbs, train stations and airports. Here are the different services offered:

Where to leave your luggage in Paris with Eelway?


There is no possibility to store and transfer your luggage to Paris Beauvais Airport but you can leave and retreive your luggage at Porte Maillot Bus station.

Luggage storage service in Paris with eelway

Benefits of Eelway luggage storage service:


  • Anywhere in Paris
  • Team available from 6am to 10pm
  • A team of Professionals that seals and store your belongings in secure areas
  • Single price regardless of luggage size or weight
  • Booking online on our site, by phone: +33, by email

Drawback of Eelway luggage storage service:


  • We are always improving our service thanks to you.

Book your Luggage Storage

Finally, where can I leave my luggage in Paris?


Classic lockers, Eelway mobile luggage storage… You are now able to find the best way to store your luggage in Paris! 😉

If you want to discover more about Eelway and our service, visit ou website about the luggage storage service in Paris or chat with our team and continue to visit our blog! 🙂

16 May 2017

Transfer Paris Roissy-CDG Airport from/to Orly Airport

Useful information about transfer between Paris Roissy-CDG (Charles de Gaulles) & Paris-Orly.
Itineraries, different ways of transport & prices (OrlyVal + RER B, OrlyBus + RER B, Le Bus Direct, Taxis, Private cars).

Transfer by suburb train (RER B) & ORLYVAL

Itinerary between Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport & Paris-Orly airport by suburb train line B (RER B) + ORLYVAL.
A train changement is necessary in Anthony train station between RER line B & OrlyVal automatic shuttle.


First & last departure in Roissy-CDG : 5:55am ➝ 10:30pm
First & last departure in Orly : 6:00am ➝ 11:00pm


Each 5 – 7 minutes.

Travel time :

Approximately 75 minutes.


Adult: 21.50€
Child (2-11): 12.75€

You can buy your ticket in each aiport before your access in automatic shuttle ou RER B.
ORLYVAL ticket costs 9.30€.


RER line B serves Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport in terminal 2. A free shuttle is available to reach other terminals.

Transfer by suburb train (RER B) & ORLYBUS

Itinerary between Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport & Paris-Orly airport by suburb train line B (RER B) + ORLYBUS.
A train changement is necessary in Denfert-Rochereau station between ORLYBUS & RER line B.


First & last departure in Roissy-CDG : 5:35am ➝ 00:00am
First & last departure in Orly : 6:00am ➝ 00:30am


Each 10 – 20 minutes.

Travel time:

Approximately 90 minutes.


Single price: 7.70 €

You can buy your ticket in each train sation, subway station, airport bus station & directly in bus.
FYI: shuttle is free for people who have a Navigo pass available on 1-4 areas.

Map OrlyBus Paris

Price RER (line B):

Single ticket: 1.90€

You can buy your ticket in each aiport, train station or metro station.

Transfer by Le Bus Direct

Itineraries between Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport & Orly airport by Le Bus Direct (line 3).

Time:Logo Le-Bus-Direct

First & last departure in Roissy-CDG: 06:00am ➝ 10:00pm
First & last departure in Orly : 6:30am ➝ 10:30pm


Each 10 – 20 minutes.

Travel time :

Between 60-70 minutes, depending on traffic.


Adult: 21 € one-way ticket, 36 € round-trip ticket.
Child (2-11): 10.50 €

You can buy your ticket with bus driver or online.

Transfert by private car (Taxis & Uber)

Itinéraire entre les aéroports de Roissy-Charles de Gaulle & Orly par taxi et véhicule de transport avec chauffeur.Itineraries between Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport & Orly airport by taxi or private car.


Any time.

Travel time:

Between 40-60 minutes, depending on traffic.

Tarif TAXiS:

Between 50-80 € (estimated cost)

Price driven private car (Uber):

Approximately 60€.

16 May 2017

CDG airport – Paris : By bus, RER or car ?

The cheapest? The fastest? Here are the different means to go from Paris to Roissy CDG airport and the other way around. We detail here all ways to go easily and stressfree to CDG.

How to go to Paris Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport?

The airport of Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle is in the Top 10 of the busiest airports in the world. However, it is one of the few that is not linked with an express railway line.

Several solutions are offered to the travellers.

By train lines, you can head to Roissy CDG airport by RER but you should opt for it if you do not carry too many or heavy bags. Indeed, as it is crowded and lacks of storage spaces of luggage (without mentioning all the stairs you will have to cope with during connections) it may be the less convenient and the longest but definitely the cheapest mean. Make sure to travel light or even better let Eelway take care of this burden for you (we transfer sport and baby equipment, awesome, right?)!

By road, there is a stiff competition between buses, taxis or VTC but beware of traffic jams!

Since the dezoning of the Navigo pass, during weekend and holidays, the airports are accessible with your usual pass.

Finally, for those who can go to CDG with their own vehicle, you still have the choice between a cheap parking lot or one of the new concepts like Ector or TripnDrive.

Also, think of verifying the terminal from which you leave, it can affect considerably the commute time. It takes about 10 minutes to connect terminal 1, 2 and 3 by CDG-VAL (free shuttle at the airport).

Public transportation

 MeanCost of commute (Round-trip)Time of commute (estimate)Easiness of carrying luggae
RER BRER B9.75 euro1h1/5
Bus 350Bus RATP 3506 euro1h401/5
Bus 351Bus RATP 3516 euro1h401/5
RoissyBusRoissyBus11 euro1h151/5
Le Bus Direct (AirFrance Cars)Le Bus Direct (Cars AirFrance)17 euro1h2/5
EasyBusEasyBusfrom 1 euro1h2/5
SuperShuttleSuperShuttlefrom 27 euro1h3/5

By car or motorcycle

 MeanCost of commute (Round-trip)Time of commute (estimate)Easiness of carrying luggae
RER BRER B9.75 euro1h1/5
Bus 350Bus RATP 3506 euro1h401/5
Bus 351Bus RATP 3516 euro1h401/5
RoissyBusRoissyBus11 euro1h151/5
Le Bus Direct (AirFrance Cars)Le Bus Direct (Cars AirFrance)17 euro1h2/5
EasyBusEasyBusfrom 1 euro1h2/5
SuperShuttleSuperShuttlefrom 27 euro1h3/5

Parking at CDG

MeanCost for a weekSpecific information
Econopark59 euroMeeting in the parking lot and transfer by shuttle
AerPark60 euroMeeting in the parking lot and transfer by shuttle
Ector80 euroA valet waits for you at the airport, you give him the keys and that's it.
Tripndrive0 euroPark free of charge your car. Tripndrive handle the rent of your car to a reliable member of the community.

You can also discover our luggage transfer and storage service at CDG airport, that can help you choose your better way to head at the airport and save time during your trip in Paris.

If information seems to you erroneous or missing, you can ask us for a correction.

Si vous souhaitez en découvrir davantage à propos de nous, visitez notre site web et chattez avec notre équipe ou continuez de parcourir notre blog !