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    Eelway luggage storage – How does it work ?


More than a simple luggage storage!

Most of Eelway customers think that we have lockers in train stations or airports before they use our service.

“Eelway or the benefits of luggage storage without their drawbaks”

One day, you have been certainly in a situation where you needed to leave your baggage for a few hours (or a few years) to enjoy a city free luggage. The most commun issue of “classic” luggage storage (or lockers) is what it’s stationary. When you need to pick up your bags, it’s necessary to go back where you left them! Time lost, opening times not convenient, transport troubles etc. Benefits of your baggage storage are very skinny…

“Eelway, a world where luggage are teleported where & when you really need”

Eelway luggage storage service permits to leave your belongings anywhere, anytime and to get back them in the same place or in another. Some people talk about luggage transfer, at Eelway we prefer to say teleportation! 😉

How does Eelway service work ?


  1. You book online on our website in a few clics. Our team is here to help you & to answer to your questions directly on our chat.
  2. Our concierge join you at home, hotel, airport or train station at the time of your choice to collect your baggage. Eelway accepts any type of luggage regardless of size or weight. Sportmen packed with gears it’s for you! 😉
  3. Your luggage are sealled to provide their tracking and to protect their content. Their numbers will be communicate to you by email just some minutes after your drop-off.


  1. Your concierge Eelway is waitong for you at the place and the time you choiced during your booking. He puts off seals with you.
  2. You are free!


Book your Eelway luggage storage


What’s happened if I’m overdue?

Don’t worry, we will wait for your arrival! You can communicate with Eelway team and your concierge at any moment.

And if I want to modificate my booking?

Any problem! Contact us by email contact@eelway.com, by phone +33 1 76 39 02 68 or by our chat to modificate your booking.

Have you any other question?

Read our FAQ, you will fond all answer about your questions. If not, our team will be happy to answer to you by email contact@eelway.com, by phone +33 1 76 39 02 68 or by our chat!