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    How to save time at Paris Charles-de-Gaulle (CDG) Airport?

    12 April 2018

12 April 2018

How to save time at Paris Charles-de-Gaulle (CDG) Airport?

How to save time at Paris Airport CDG

Don’t want to waste time at the airport? Discover how to save time at Paris Charles-de-Gaulle Airport (CDG) by preparing well and using a service that will change your life!

Remember the last time you flew with huge suitcases (checked baggage type). All this is a hassle to carry them, take public transport or taxi, register them, pass the customs, wait for the plane 1 to 2 hours (if not more): we have selected for you 6 actions to avoid this stress, this effort and this time wasted waiting for your plane.

Save time to get on or off your plane at Paris Roissy – Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG):

1. Save time now: check that you have not forgotten any documents


Do you know the stress of forgetting your passport or your medication while going to the airport and having to go back home?

Make a list of all the documents you need and check before leaving for the airport, especially if you are leaving for a country outside the European Union.

The essentials that you must check before your departure:

  • Your passport (better if it’s valid😉)
  • Your identity card (for the European Union citizen), although your national identity card could not be valid in France, it is not the case if you have an issue in the French territory and you go to your Embassy. You may find yourself in an uncomfortable situation so have papers up to date.
  • Your medications (with prescription if needed).
  • Cash (in case your credit card does not work in France or any country in the Europea Union), it is better to do your exchange of local currency in your bank or for example in a foreign exchange office, out of the tourist areas and airports because the costs are higher.
  • Visa? It may be too late to tell you, even if your passport allows you to travel without a visa in a lot of countries, make sure you do not need a visa to go to the country of destination.


You should also think about:

  • Your wash kit: no liquid containers over 100 milliliters (100 ml) in the carry-on baggage. No limit if your kit is in checked baggage,
  • Of course, no objects prohibited in flight like knives, scissors, etc.

It would be a shame to go back home to pick up your passport and miss your plane. Avoid losing money unnecessarily and potentially, spoiling the beginning or end of your vacation / business trip.

Discover the security control of Paris airports in video:


2. Ensure the weight and size of your luggage before departure


To save time, check the weight and size limits of your checked baggage and cabin. This can vary from an airline to another.
Look for all the information on the number, size and weight of your luggage that will be accepted without additional cost.

The different limits on a selection of airlines:

3. Get information on the traffic for your mode of transportation (train, Bus, Taxi, Uber…)


How to reach Roissy – Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) from Paris? To save time, you must check the traffic status depending on how you’ll go to the airport: train, bus, taxi, private hire cars (Uber, Taxify) etc. The traffic varies according to the periods for multiple reasons: works, strikes, school holidays, traffic jams etc. Organizing the transport will guarantee you a stay in peace and potentially save you time!

  • Check the suburb train line situation (RER B): the RER B station is located in terminal 2 of Paris Charles-de-Gaulle airport (CDG). It is best to check before heading to the station (wasting time changing the terminal for nothing).
    Check the situation of the RER B traffic on the Transilien site of the SNCF. The “normal” state announces that there will be no problem. The “disturbed” state means that there is a technical problem with the line, or strikes.
  • Check the road traffic before taking the bus / taxi / private hire cars: As for the RER B, you have to check the state of the roads between the airport and Paris. You don’t want to end up wasting time in the traffic jams. That’s why, on the days of big departure / return holidays and weekends, it is better to avoid the roads as much as possible meaning buses, taxis or VTC from 8 to 10am and 5 to 7pm. The RER B will take you to your destination much faster 😉.


Check the traffic situation around Paris via the Paris airport website


4. Beware of frauds when you arrive at Roissy-CDG airport


For information, taxis or private hire cars are not allowed to approach you on your arrival at the airport. Just follow the signs to the taxi area and take the first line. A taxi always has a sign on the roof of the vehicle.

The price is regulated from and to Paris Charles-de-Gaulle airport (CDG). From € 50 for the right side, and € 55 for the left. More information on taxis at the airport on this link.


5. Do not transport your luggage from / to Roissy-CDG airport anymore


Since 2016 there is a luggage concierge service between the Paris airports and the Ile de France. This new service is the very definition of time saving between Paris, its surburb and the Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle airport (CDG). Why? Because you do not take care of your luggage between your home, your rental or hotel and the airport. Plus, many hotels are also partners of the company as well as all Parisian stations. This guarantees you preferential rates.

For example, you can book your pick-up at home to have your bags delivered to the departure terminal of your choice at Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG): Terminal 1, Terminal 2 (2A, 2B, 2C, 2D, 2E, 2F and 2G) and Terminal 3. You choose the time and you keep your hands on the luggage tracking with the receipt of an SMS / email when the concierge is on the way and arriving at the pre-arranged meeting point.

All Eelway luggage concierges wear a yellow Eelway T-shirt or coat with the logo (the outfit changes depending on the weather, our concierges do not usually wear a coat in summer, unless it rains … 😊).

More information on the luggage concierge service between Paris and Paris-CDG airport. You can also directly book our luggage service in Paris on this link. Any cancellation and modification 24 hours in advance is free so do not hesitate 😉.

6. Do not wait for your checked bags in the baggage claim area at CDG


For people in a hurry or who do not want to get bothered with their luggage, we have launched a new service from Paris airports to really save you time when arriving in Paris. Your luggage is collected directly by one of our concierges on the carousel and delivered to you, at your home, hotel or office throughout the Ile-de-France (Region of Paris) and everywhere in France (on estimate). Do not see your luggage as a burden.

Contact the team to know more about the express baggage delivery service from Paris airports (Orly and CDG).



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