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    [Tips] Connection and Transfer between Paris CDG and Orly airports

    25 April 2018

25 April 2018

[Tips] Connection and Transfer between Paris CDG and Orly airports

Connection and Luggage Transfer service between Paris-CDG and Paris-Orly Airport

You have a connection / transfer between Paris airports: Roissy – Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) and Orly airport? Here are all the necessary information to make your transfer, between the two airports, as smooth as possible and enjoy a few hours in Paris if you have the opportunity.

If you are in transit in Paris and you change between two airports, go to the exit to get your luggage on the carrousel (if you have a checked luggage) then head to the transport of your choice: train, bus, taxi, VTC (if booked before).

Looking for information on your transfer between the two airports? Find the information in this article.
Looking for information on luggage transfer between the two airports to save time between two flights in Paris? It’s here (further down the article).


From Paris Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport CDG:

  • Bus: The Bus Direct transports you between the two airports. You will find the bus stops in Terminal 1 (Gate level 32), Terminal 2A-2C-2D: Gate C10 and Terminal 2E and 2F (Gate E8 / F9)
  • Train: There are 2 stations for the RER B including the station “Charles de Gaulle Airport 1” which stops in terminals 1 and 3 and the station “Charles de Gaulle Airport 2 – TGV” which stops in all terminals 2 (A, C , D, E, F and G). RER B does not stop at Orly airport. You will need to make changes to access it (with an Orlyval or Orlybus).
  • Taxi: taxis are available at the exit of the luggage collection area of ​​your terminal arrival. Terminal 1: door 24 at the arrival level, Terminal 2A: door 6, Terminal 2C: door 14, Terminal 2D: door 7 , Terminal 2E: door 10 at the arrival level, Terminal 2F: door 11 at the arrival level, Terminal 2G: blue door, Terminal 3: exit from the arrival hall
  • VTC: as for taxis, you must first book their service before getting in the vehicle (beware of scams taxis or VTC)


From Paris Orly Airport:

  • Bus: The Bus Direct transports you to Roissy-CDG airport from the West Terminal (Gate D, Arrivals level) and the South Terminal (Gate L Arrivals level). You also have the Orlybus which will take you to Denfert-Rochereau in the 15th arrondissement of Paris (you have the option of tto take the metro or the RER B towards CDG airport).
  • Train: With the Orlyval, where the stations are located in the South (S) and West (W) Terminal. You can join the RER line B at the station “Antony” and then go to Paris Roissy-CDG airport.
  • Taxi / VTC: Taxi stands are located near your arrival terminal: Terminal South, Door L, and Terminal West, Door B. Regarding the VTC, you must book on the applications before getting into the vehicle.


1. Your connection between Roissy-CDG and Orly by train

Do you want to take the train between the two airports? Here are the best solutions for your connection:


From Paris Roissy – Charles de Gaulle Airport:

  • Take the RER B at Terminal 2 from the “Aéroport Charles-de-Gaulle 2 – TGV” station or the “Aéroport Charles-de-Gaulle 1” station for Terminals 1 and 3
  • Leave at “Antony” station to take the Orlyval to the terminal of your choice at Orly airport

PS: You also have the option to exit at the “Denfert-Rochereau” station and then take the Orlybus.


From Paris Orly Airport (ORY):

  • Take the Orlyval from the terminal of your choice
  • At “Antony” station, take the RER B station towards Paris Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport CDG


Fares (applicable from August 1, 2017):

  • RER B between the “Aéroport Charles-de-Gaulle 2 – TGV” and “Antony” stations: €12.50
  • Orlyval: €13.25


Transit Time:

  • Between 1h and 1h10 for the RER B between CDG airport and the station “Antony” with a smooth traffic. 1h30 if the traffic is disturbed. (Check the status of RER B traffic before you arrive in Paris on the website of the Transilien SNCF)
  • 10 minutes on average by taking the Orlyval between “Antony” station and Orly airport.

What to do with your luggage if you want to enjoy Paris between your two flights? See our 4th subsection on luggage transfer services between Paris Roissy-CDG and Orly airports.


2. Your connection between Roissy-CDG and Orly by bus

If you choose the bus as a transport between Paris Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle and Orly airports, the easiest solution can be found with the company “Le Bus Direct”. All terminals are served between the two airports on line 3.


Travel time between the two airports:

  • Flowing traffic: between 1h10 and 1h20
  • High traffic: between 1h30 and 2h


Prices of the “Bus Direct” (line 3):

  • Adult price: € 21 (12 years old and over) – € 36 round trip
  • Children’s rate: 13 € (between 4 and 11 years old) – 26 € round trip
  • Free for children under 4 years old
  • If you buy your ticket directly on the bus, a surcharge of € 1 is applied

Find all information on Line 3 of “Le Bus Direct”.

Do you want to enjoy your day without luggage between your two flights to and from CDG and Orly? Use the luggage transfer service between Paris airports described below.


3. Your transfer between Roissy-CDG and Orly by taxi, VTC

If you choose to take a taxi or a VTC for your transit between the two airports, be very careful about your choice. Taxis do not have the right to approach you on your arrival and they have a luminous sign and a taximeter. Also, they must have a payment terminal that accepts credit cards. Regarding the VTC, check the registration plate of the vehicle, it must be the same as the one indicated in the application.


Taxi / VTC fares for transfer:

  • Taxis: between 70 and 80 euros
  • VTC: from 60 euros (you must book the VTC service)


Transit time:

  • Flowing traffic: 1h to 1h15
  • High traffic: 1h30 to 2h

Do you want to visit Paris during the day or for a few hours? You don’t know what to do with your luggage during this time?
Forget about classic lockers service in all Paris airports, use the storage and transfer service between the two Paris CDG and Orly airports.


4. What about visiting Paris during your free-time without your luggage?

Do not waste time in airports while while waiting for your connecting flight and enjoy Paris without worrying about your luggage.

Eelway storage and transfer luggage service take your bags near your terminal arrival and drop them off near your terminal departure.

For example, you arrive at Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle airport at 10AM. Your next plane is 18 hours later at Paris-Orly airport meaning that you’ll have 8 hours to wait in the airport (including the transit to the airport) Why not take the opportunity to take a tour of Paris? Visit the Eiffel Tower or visit some friends?

Our concierge will meet you near your terminal arrival at Roissy-CDG airport to pick up your luggage. Our concierges wear a yellow t-shirt or coat (depending on the season 😊) so they are easily identifiable (Plus you have his/her name, phone number to contact him/her in case of a problem). Your luggage is sealed before you and we store them in a secure area where only our team has access. Then your luggage is transferred to your departure terminal in Orly, where a concierge with wait for you to give them back. If there is any delay, the customer service is there to help you and make your day in Paris as easy as possible.

This luggage concierge service is available in all Paris Roissy-CDG and Orly terminals, Paris train stations (Gare de Lyon, Gare du Nord, Gare Montparnasse, Gare de l’Est, Gare Saint-Lazare, Gare de l’Est Austerlitz, Bercy Railway Station, Marne-la-Vallée, etc.) as well as any address, hotel in Paris and in Île-de-France. We can collect your luggage in front of the door of your home, rental Airbnb, office, tourist places. You also have the option of storing your luggage the period time of your choice before picking them up at the other airport. Simple, practical 😉.

Feel free to book your luggage storage service between the two Paris airports with Eelway. Free amendment and cancellation before the day of collection !

From 45 euros for 2 bags for a transfer between airports! More information about our services and our fee schedule on our website.


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