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    Found a lost luggage at the airport

    16 May 2017

16 May 2017

Found a lost luggage at the airport

What to do when your luggage is lost in airport ?

1. Your luggage is lost? Keep calm

You are front of luggage claim et your bag didn’t arrive yet? You’ve juste receive a message from your airline company to inform you about your lost luggage? Don’t worry! Keep calm & breath, most of lost luggage are found!

2. Report the loss of your luggage to your airline company

Rendez-vous to your airline company office to report your lost luggage (or damaged). Some airline companies (as Air France) have an office dedicated in Roissy-CDG & Orly airports. Keep notes all the information about your baggage.

In most of cases, your bags will be quickly found and your company will deliver you to your home or or hotel. For others, be patient & ask for a compensation.

3. Consult your bank insurance policy (credit card)

If you booked your ticket with credit card, maybe you have an insurance to cover the loss of your luggage. Call your bank to inform you & to begin formalities. Amount of compensation can be used to buy some clothes and a toothbrush during your luggage research.

4. Inform your hotel reception about your lost luggage

If you’re not at home, inform reception of your hotel & give to it information about your lost luggage. You can ask each morning at the reception if your bag have been found.

5. Rendez-vous to lost & found luggage service in the airport

If you are lucky and your bag have been found, you can claim it at “Lost & Found Luggage” service of the airport. Remember to keep your boarding ticket with your baggage references.

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How to avoid to lost your luggage?

Before your flight:

  • Check your luggage tag: be sure your tag be correctly placed to prevent fall. You can take pictures of your bag tags. It can be useful in case of loss.
  • Keep your precious stuff in cabin: it’s better to keep your personal items (jewels, electronic material…) and your identity papers with you.

Track your baggage thanks to technology

  • Trace.me, a case who track your baggage anywhere and anytime. The best to avoid to lose your luggage or to found it.
  • Reboundtag, connected luggage tags using RFID, NFC or Wifi technologies to locate your bag anywhere in the world,
  • Bag2Go, connected luggage with same concept than connected tags.
  • Etc.




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