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Package 25

Pack 25 - Luggage Services for groups



€288 VAT included

Luggage Service:
  • Up to 25 items

Package 50

Pack 50 - Luggage Services for groupes



€504 VAT included

Luggage Service:
  • Up to 50 items

Package 75

Pack 75 - Gestion de bagages pour les groupes



€720 VAT included

Luggage Service:
  • Up to 75 items

On Demand

Tailored Package - Luggage Services for groups


On Quotation


Luggage Service:
  • On Demand
Free amendement and cancellation policies
All items are sealed and insured

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“Love this service. Always have the same problem: arrive at CDG at 9 am, but where can you store your luggage until you check into your Airbnb at 3:00? Eelway handles it. Staff is friendly and patient with inevitable delays (clearing Customs, Airlines slow with unloading bags, etc.). Eelway definitely the way to go.”

David B.

“Wonderful and friendly service! The Eelway representative was easy to find at the train station where we handed over our luggage and it was delivered to our hotel as promised. I would definitely use Eelway again!”

Jane M.

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